Women in Maternity, Elderly and Old-age are interested in Computer Literacy Courses Oriented to the Labour Market

February 5, 2018

On the February 3rd, 2018, GirlsGoIT participated at the Job Fair organized by the National Employment Agency – ANOFM

GirlsGoIT started its collaboration with the National Employment Agency in 2018 on a joint development program to support the work of the National Employment Agency – ANOFM career platform and the Ministry of Labour. The computer science program will be dedicated for women of all ages to acquire professional skills for better employment opportunities.

At the Job Fair, GirlsGoIT team had the chance to interact with interested women and we got the perspective of potential program participants on how these courses can impact their professional life. We met with women of elderly and old-age, women on maternity leave and we got to understand that they are interested in computer literacy program to help them get decent jobs in the labour market.

We also carried out a survey to measure the level of interest of women in computer literacy courses. two questions asked were; “If they are interested in career in technology”? and if yes, “will they be interested in training courses oriented to the ICT labour market”.

As a result, 15 women filled in the survey. Two (2) elderly and old-age, 4 women in maternity leave were among the 15 women we interacted and filled-in the two (2) questionnaire survey.

One of the women in maternity leave said:

"I have invested 2 years in my child and I want to go back to being economically active, find a job. I am interested in computer literacy courses and I hope I will be able to find a job in an IT company"

Another woman said:

“I returned from the UK a month ago and now I find it difficult to imagine my future here in this country. I understand that courses like this can provide me with very relevant professional skills and maybe better employment opportunities”

As a conclusion of our interaction and survey, 15 women who participated in the survey requested an exchange of email contact and phone number and asked to be contacted if there will be computer literacy training courses oriented to the labour market.

This survey was conducted to support the work of the National Employment Agency – ANOFM career platform and the Ministry of Labour, through the 4E strategic program for Moldova Women and Girls Access in and Through Technology, prioritising women as the future workforce for the Labour Market and ICT industry in Moldova.